A patent is a very complex technical document. It recognizes the rights of the creators, designers and inventors to exclusively benefit from the inventions they made. While a patent is under their name, no other person can commercially benefit from it.
A patent ensures that the inventor’s intellectual property or the industrial property is protected.
The wording of a patent certificate is very complex. It has specific terminology as well.
This means that the translator must be highly skilled or a subject matter expert in order for the patent to be understood.

The patent needs translation especially in the current global business scenario.
A company holding a patent for a device is assured that it will achieve success, remain in business and be competitive.
For this to happen, the company must hold a patent in different jurisdictions where its product is marketed to protect the product.
The translated patent document is not the only paperwork that is needed by a company to receive the registration or title of grant that will make the item or product the official property of the patent applicant.
Several factors are involved in the success in filing a patent application.
The application must have a specific and detailed description of the novel idea in the applicable language as well as following the other requirements and guidelines.

TRADUQUEST is aware of the legal implications of accurate translations and timing of a patent application.
It is essential for the proper intellectual property rights management.
We have developed an internal system with a team of in-house translators who are experts in industrial and intellectual property who can handle the phases of services involved in the management of industrial property rights covering
the entire cycle involved in gaining and maintaining a patent.