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The conditions described here refer to work done by the TRADUQUEST (From Eduardo Costa, Unipessoal, Lda) company for its clients, except for dispensations resulting from the negotiation of specific different conditions.

1. Every order for translation work must be accompanied by a firm and definite order document which gives the price agreed between the client and our company, by post or by fax, signed by an authorized person, or, by default, by email, if we have explicitly given our agreement; if we have not given our agreement, we reserve the right not to start the work.

2. The technical texts will be accompanied by whatever documents, drawings or illustrations are necessary to be able to understand these technical texts.

3. The unit used for measuring the volume of text to be translated is the word of source text.

4. If a translation is cancelled by the client, the work already completed will be invoiced at 100% of its normal price and that still to be done will be invoiced at 50% of its normal price.

5. Except in the case of a special agreement, the invoiced amounts are net, without any discount and are due for payment on reception, as per the normal practice for this type of service.

6. Any lateness or absence of payment will result in all the sums due from the client become due immediately, whatever the reason, without any prior warning or other formality, and will initiate late payment interest becoming due at the Bank of Portugal rate on the date when the payment fell due. In every case, the customer must pay all costs arising from litigation to obtain the due amounts.

7. In case of late payment, other work in progress for the same client will be stopped.

8. In case of technical translation work, the client may be asked to validate a glossary. In this case, the delivery date will be delayed by the time that the client takes to validate the glossary.

9. The TRADUQUEST company may not in any way be pursued or held morally or materially responsible for any claims relating to details of style. In particular, as regards advertising material, the work we undertake is simply translation; we cannot be asked or obliged to produce a different advertising style from that of the source text.

10. Our responsibility is limited to the invoice amount.

11. All claims will be taken into account up to 15 calendar days after the delivery date of the work (i.e. the date the work left our offices). Such claims must be sent to us with the original documents and a copy of the parts of the translation called into question with notes describing the points of contention. Once this 15-day claim period has elapsed, the translation will be considered as being correct.

12. We cannot be held responsible for delays in delivery by fax, modem, e-mail and other postal or surface transport methods.

13. Defects in one part of a translation can in no wise cause the whole of the work to be called into question. We reserve the right to modify the work produced.

14. Only written agreements between the parties concerned can be taken into consideration. If no agreement can be reached, the Caldas da Rainha Commercial Court will be the sole jurisdiction to decide on the issue.