The range of services we offer goes from straightforward technical and certified translations from/into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese (European and Brazilian) to the most advanced services like proofreading, desktop publishing, software localization and testing, terminology management and subtitling.

We’ve mastered all the tricks and techniques to make your product launch succeed in Portuguese speaking countries. But we have more than technical knowledge and expertise. We have market-tested experience that drives our linguistic sensitivity and creativity. And we know that every detail counts. If you would like to know more, please look under the appropriate headings.


TRADUQUEST provides professional in-house technical translations from/into English, French, Spanish and European and Brazilian Portuguese. We emphasize the importance of professional in-house, native translators because the deepest nuances of a language can only be thoroughly appreciated by those who live within a culture and speak the language every day. As part of our commitment to excellence, we only have professional in-house translators with a passion for linguistic excellence to deliver superior quality and efficiency with every project.

Good technical writing is essential for the Portuguese translation to read smoothly, free from the stiffness often associated with amateur translated text. Another important skill we look for from our translators is the ability to work with CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools for improved translation efficiency and consistency.


Certified translations are important in various legal proceedings and filings for court systems and government agencies. Many government agencies require a translation to be certified before they will accept a particular document as valid. At TRADUQUEST we are able to certify our translations for almost any legal use.

It is common practice for us to deliver translations to our clients with an Affidavit, which states that the translation is, to the best of our knowledge, correct and was done by our in-house translators who are proficient in the source and target languages. These Affidavits are available upon request.

The following are some documents that normally must be certified: birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees/certificates, death certificates, wills and trusts, academic diplomas, medical records, passports, adoption records and papers, immigration documentation, naturalization documentation, documents for submission to home affairs department, financial records, work permits, curriculum vitae/resumes, foreign patents, etc.


Proofreading services are essential once a translation has been completed. A translation needs to be ‘read through’ by a second translator to ensure that everything is accurate. While this is an essential component of any written material, proofreading fees can get quite costly which causes many companies to completely forget the process. We are a Portuguese translation office whose proofreading fees are extremely reasonable and the proofreading services we offer are vital to the success of your translated material.

Proofreading means the correction of print mistakes, spelling mistakes, punctuation marks and grammar errors. As well as ensuring that everything has been translated accurately by comparing the original file to the translation, our proofreading services are here to ensure that the translation flows and that the choice of words and structure of the sentences make sense.

Naturally, all our proofreaders only check documents written in their mother tongue (European and Brazilian Portuguese), which guarantees translations with terminology that is not only accurate, up to date and correct in the context, but that is also up to date with conventions and idioms recognised in the target language.


Once translation and editing are complete, we will begin the DTP production process. TRADUQUEST professionals format localized text to match the source layout. They adjust fonts, graphics and tables, and update tables of contents, indexes and all links according to international typographical rules and industry standard practices.

There are usually two types of publishing projects: printed and online documentation. Our professionals have developed a number of checklists for each type of publishing project so that we can consistently provide the highest quality work.

We maintain a set of internal guidelines for multilingual DTP productions, such as font selection, text expansion treatment and PDF output to ensure the consistent quality of production for which we are well-known.


Software localization is not as simple as just translating the words that appear in the software GUI (graphic user interface). Quality software localization involves a number of highly specialized processes that systematically localize the GUI strings. The greater the number and complexity of dialog boxes, menus, alert messages, online help and user documentation, more specialized the processes needed to localize in a variety of languages. Great software localization also requires testing the localized software on the target platforms to fix any linguistic, cosmetic and functional errors.


Localization testing is an integral component of the software localization process. Oftentimes a client only asks a language service provider to translate the software strings and then compiles the localized software on their own. While this practice may initially save some costs, it can lead to major quality issues. The localized software must be verified linguistically and cosmetically to eliminate both translation errors and functional bugs before it is released to the end consumer. Skipping this step is a formula for poor quality, leading to unsatisfied customers.

TRADUQUEST offers professional localization testing in addition to our standalone software testing solutions which include internationalization, functionality, and localization testing. Localization testing focuses primarily on a product’s cosmetic and linguistic characteristics such as truncation and translation quality.


“Effective terminology management at the source saves businesses 20% or more on translation costs by boosting the efficiency of content authoring and translation, while increasing linguistic quality. Even if an author or translator has received specialized training in the target field, it still takes time to research important terminology during the content development and translation process. This is why it is integral that they are provided with the right tools that enable them to look up approved translations quickly and dynamically, thereby allowing them to focus on doing what they do best: technical writing or translating.

There is a common misconception among businesses engaging in localization that terminology management doesn’t apply to their product development cycle. Whether owing to the fact that traditional methods of terminology management are ineffective, or to a lack of understanding about the concrete benefits of maintaining corporate glossaries, many organizations are of the opinion that managing terminology is the sole responsibility of the language service provider involved in a localization project.”


For any spectator who does not understand the original language of a movie, subtitles are the dialogues of that given work. Thus, it is essential to keep correction and naturalness in speech, as well as to respect the nuances and intentions in the original script. It is also crucial to make the reading of the subtitles as comfortable as possible, so that the audience can also watch the images on the screen and enjoy the audio-visual production.

The unique subtitling method of TRADUQUEST makes all of this possible thanks to the exhaustive work of several professionals in each project. A maximum attention to detail and two checks of the subtitles guarantee the quality of our subtitles.


Our capabilities also include transcribing your audio, video, and multimedia files. The resulting transcription then can be easily and precisely edited, translated, transferred, or mixed. For example, during a transfer to video it is possible to tailor subtitles to fit in the language of your choice.

Our in-house experienced multimedia translators use the state-of-the-art technology most suitable for your project.


Machine translation is, perhaps, the most innovative translation service available. It is designed with the future in mind. TRADUQUEST offers a machine translation service that allows the text output to be post-edited depending on the client’s needs. Clients can choose a fully automatic machine translation service or opt to add an editing & proofreading service to check the results. This service is provided by a team of in-house linguists and managers specialized in post-editing.

TRADUQUEST has an in-house statistics engine for machine translations that can be perfected by adding rules to it.

TRADUQUEST also offers the possibility of creating your own exclusive machine translation domains, resting on a foundation built up from the translation memories and terminology databases generated by your documents. This process not only guarantees the confidentiality of your texts, which are stored on our own secure servers, it also ensures you will receive machine translations of the highest quality.


Language errors and cultural faux-pas damage brands. Spelling and grammar errors dent your credibility; user misunderstandings can lead to costly mistakes. Our linguistic Quality Validation Service provides a full, independent audit of all translations. It identifies areas for improvement and ensures your content measures up to company standards and style guidelines. The benefit is total peace of mind – knowing there is accuracy and precision across every aspect of your global communications.

Linguistic quality review: Expert third-party reviewers ensure your translations are first class. They look for house style adherence and accurate use of glossary terms.

Reviewer training: We support your in-country reviewers by developing written guidelines and providing formal training courses. This helps to optimise the use of their time and ensures review cycles are highly effective.

Metrics and data analysis: We track the number, type and severity of errors to guide translators towards better quality in the future. We identify patterns so we can make permanent fixes. Plus, we can use all that data to help you make strategic business decisions.


“Marketing and communication are disciplines that require more than just a basic translation service. When targeting a given market we must adapt the communication strategy to the culture and customs of the target audience. At TRADUQUEST we know that it is not enough for messages to be understood – they also have to connect. Communication focuses on emotion and sentiment. That is why our team is backed by translators with expertise in different marketing disciplines.

Transcreation is a creative translation process in which the quality of the message is paramount, as is the effectiveness in reaching the target audience. TRADUQUEST pioneering transcreation service involves translators, proofreaders, testers, creators and marketing and communication experts working together. This service is indispensable for reaching any market, as it is not enough for messages to merely be understood, they also have to connect with the public.”