Our client had written a website in Brazilian Portuguese and wanted to convert it to US English. For all our translations, we only use translators who are native speakers of the target language (as we’ve found that to be a good policy for obtaining high quality translations). For this project, that meant turning to one of our English native speakers.

The translator was available to start work right away, so lost no time in getting on with the client’s website translation. The client had opted to use our express translation service, so time was of the essence! Our experienced website translator worked methodically through the site, delivering it page by page to the proofreader and then to the client (we can deliver website content as a single translation or piece by piece, as was requested in this case).

The steady flow of accurate translations was precisely what the client was looking for – he was delighted with the TRADUQUEST service. He was also pleased to have found such a rapid and high quality service for such a reasonable translation price. TRADUQUEST is happy to work flexibly in this way to meet our clients’ needs. Howsoever you would like your project delivered, from plain text to typeset brochures, we are here to help. Simply let our helpful team know what you require and we’ll make it happen!


Medical translation takes place for many reasons, as companies and services around the world share their products and knowledge across international borders. Medical practices vary from country to country, as do medicine licensing regulations. This gives rise to plenty of demand for medical translation services by companies around the world.

Medical translation is one of the most detailed and specialist professional translation services. It requires incredible translation accuracy, as any mistakes could have dire consequences. That’s why TRADUQUEST not only delivers accurate translation services, but also uses a system of quality checks and balances to ensure flawless translation results, each and every time.

We put this process into practice recently with a client who needed a medical guidance document translated from English to Portuguese. We work only with native in-house translators and believe firmly in using native speakers of the target language for each translation, as well as highly experienced language specialists. In this case, that meant using a Portuguese translator with extensive experience of translating medical documents.

The results of this approach are apparent in the quality of the translations that result from it. For this client, that meant an accurate medical translation in flawless Portuguese. The Portuguese version of the document was precisely what he was looking for. We typeset it to mirror the original document, as per the client’s instructions. We also undertook the translation of the detailed illustrations throughout the document, so that every procedure that was described could be understood in Portuguese.


The rise of mobile app translation has been rapid and sustained. Between the Android and Apple app stores, there are now more than 5.8 million apps available to phone and tablet users around the world. The trend has kept TRADUQUEST’s team of in-house translators busy over the past few years and shows no signs of abating.

Most recently, TRADUQUEST undertook a Portuguese translation for a client who had developed his mobile app in English (as it was his native language) but wanted to target the lucrative Brazilian market as well as English-language markets. The client approached us through Skype, connecting with our Project Manager in order to discuss his requirements. TRADUQUEST is available 24/7 to answer queries in this way, meaning that our clients can get fast responses day and night, no matter where in the world they may be based.

Our English into Brazilian Portuguese translator got to work straight away. With years of experience of translating apps, she was the perfect person to undertake the job and hit the ground running. This was a big translation job, with plenty of technical elements to it, but our in-house translator was more than up to the task. She worked swiftly and carefully, delivering each element of the project on time.

The translation accuracy was superb and the client was delighted with the results – as well as with the translation price, which provided him with excellent value for money. He is now in the final stages of launching his app to the Brazilian market and is looking forward to reaping the benefits.


At TRADUQUEST, we work with a wide range of customers, all with differing translation needs. Our in-house translators work on everything from vast financial documents for blue chip companies, to video translation for businesses marketing their products on social media to personal papers for individual clients.
Recently, a client came to our office because she needed an English version of her marriage certificate. We were delighted to be able to help. The client had opted to use our services, as she needed her translated certificate as soon as possible, so we lost no time in getting to work.
Our in-house certified translator has plenty of experience in working on personal documents, including birth, marriage, divorce and death certificates. As such, she was able to work quickly and efficiently when it came to translating this client’s document.

The client was thrilled with the speed of TRADUQUEST service. Within 24 hours of delivering us her marriage certificate, she had a flawless English version of it. We also provided a certificate of translation, at the client’s request. Certified translation is commonly required for jobs such as this, as the authorities that are asking for the translation usually want some form of confirmation that it is an authentic copy of the original document. A certificate of translation confirms this.

Certified translation is not limited to the translation of personal papers – a certificate of translation can be provided with any translation job, no matter what the content of the documents being translated is. If this is a service that you require, simply mention this when discussing your translation needs with the Project Manager at TRADUQUEST.


The world of real estate can move incredibly slowly at times, but then pick up the pace and result in a frantic flurry of activity. This was precisely what happened to a recent French client, who was buying a house here in Portugal. After waiting what felt like forever for all the paperwork to be in order, the process was suddenly sprinting ahead, leaving the client with little time to go over the extensive paperwork.

Thankfully, TRADUQUEST was on hand to help. The client used our translation services in order to obtain a Portuguese version of the documents in question. With so much legal language involved, he wanted to be 100% sure of what he was signing – hence his using our certified translation service.

Appreciating the urgency of the situation, our French real estate translator got to work immediately. Her experience included plenty of real estate translations, as well as work on other legal documents, so she was ideally positioned to help the client understand his paperwork.

At the client’s request, we sent him each of the translated documents as soon as it was available. This allowed him to absorb the information one section at a time, rather than becoming overwhelmed by a huge pile of paperwork all at once. The client was really pleased with how the French translation process worked. His documents were sent to him quickly and he was able to progress his house-buying plans without undue delay. He was also pleasantly surprised by the cost of our translation service, which he found to be excellent value for money.

With his translated real estate paperwork in hand, along with his certificate of translation, the client had the confidence to proceed with his house purchase – another happy example of translation enabling people to pursue their dreams!